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Minimalist Interior Design With Houseplants has the low down on the latest trend in bathroom decorating — keeping fresh plants in the space.

A list of beautiful and air purifying plants to have indoors (includes inspirational pictures). Has details about living room plants, bedroom plants and other

Inspiring hanging planters in wood, glass, porcelain, and more – everything you need to start a vertical garden indoors or out.

Dec 9, 2016. Miranda Kerr's Malibu Beach home. Photographed by Nick Hudson.

A Bohemian Lifestyle blog by Justina Blakeney and Co.

Plants tend to be an afterthought in interior design. And the more bad experiences you have with plants (in other words, how many of them die at your hand), the more.

Mar 1, 2017. One of the new trends making huge waves in interior design waters around the globe, Japandi amalgamates the finest features of two ethnic-inspired styles that have been. A hand-me-down transplanted from classic Scandinavian design, houseplants are often used in the new style as aesthetic accents.

Mar 8, 2017. ZZ Plants are native to Zanzibar, a country located in East Africa, and are considered by some as the “Houseplant of the Future. If you're lucky enough to have room for a full tree, then the ficus is what you should be after. peace lily, Spathiphyllum, low-light plants, plants for apartments, indoor plants.

Greenery NYC is passionate about helping New Yorkers bring more plants into their indoor spaces. We are experts in interior horticulture and will help you chose the right plants to thrive in your space, keeping maintenance low and adding elegance to your decor. Our interior plant design consultations for residential spaces.

“It features a simple interior — with a built-in metal wine. century modern style without acknowledging the prevalence of houseplants. And we probably don’t.

Are you stuck when it comes to furniture placement, or how to pull a room together? Here are 10 amazing interior design lessons that everyone should know.

“Finally there’s a pulling back from interiors dominated only by sleek design and.

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Now Japanese designer Haruka Misawa (who worked at award-winning Japanese design firm Nendo before starting Misawa. adding that the designs highlight the way that aquatic plants rise to the surface of water and how “delicate.

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budding interior designer Vanessa Ong and her husband picked up decorative pieces on their travels. They chose minimalist fixtures for their light-filled flat. Meanwhile, Mr Yeo See Wee and his wife JJ Yip of Wee Studio broke.

Apr 1, 2016. Sprucing up a room by bringing in big plants and trees is a raging trend in home decorating. Big plants and trees as a cactus, a ficus, fig trees, banana trees, palm trees, olive trees are adding color and interest and act as living sculptures in a home interior. They instantly change the atmosphere and make.

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If you’re a fan of the "less is more" approach to interior design, you might appreciate this minimalist workspace setup. Designed by 2B.Group and showcased on Airows, the loft in Ukraine has a spartan, uncluttered appeal, with only a few.

Jan 28, 2016. Started by the talented LA-based designer, @justinablakeney, @thejungalow instagram account represents The Jungalow, a blog focusing on filling interior spaces with houseplants (check out our feature on the Junglalow if you're so inclined!). The result? A beautiful stream of indoor plant photography and.

As much as I pride myself on my domestic abilities I must admit that when it comes to maintaining houseplants, I am a notorious brown thumb! I love plants because.

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Mar 17, 2014. This midcentury modern home in Portland, with interior design by Jessica Helgerson, is a prime example of what minimalist organic style can achieve by. In this case, Joost Bakker's Vertical Garden is a steel-frame interior plant system on a grid, allowing potted plants to be stacked vertically in modular.